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Delivery: Same day, next day or same week deliveries may be available for products purchased in store. We deliver your new products and you can relax while we carry them in for you. Delivery will take a maximum 1-3 weeks from the day you’ve ordered the products. Unless you want it delivered at a later date, of course. Delivery and possible installation work will be co-ordinated so that you can start enjoying your new products as soon as possible. Should anything be missing or broken at delivery, just pick up the phone and call us. We will then send you the item as soon as possible.” – Directly from IKEA website.

We drive to IKEA Houston so you don’t have to…

Shop + Deliver: No order is too large or too small. Every week we make a trip to IKEA Houston to be able to provide you with the items you want and need. Our personal shoppers fulfill your order according to the available stock at IKEA, and if it’s not available, we confirm a comparable substitute or we keep trying.

Rates: 20% of IKEA total for purchases up to $1000
15% of IKEA total for purchases above $1000


  1. Create an IKEA shopping list either manually from an IKEA catalog and call, fax or email it to Bluebag or electronically at by using the Shopping List tool and have it emailed directly to BlueBag [LIST EMAIL]. Please select IKEA Houston as your preferred store location in the drop down box.
  2. As soon as we get your shopping list we will follow up with a quote payable via credit card, cash or check.
  3. Currently, we make IKEA runs every Wednesday. Orders finalized (paid in full) by end of day Monday (at 5:30pm) will be delivered on Thursday.

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