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Design: Our design services are highly recommended for individuals planning IKEA Kitchens, Workspaces, Closets, and Storage. Typically these spaces involve precision measurements to ensure the right size and orientation to maximize the effectiveness of your design. We offer a free, no-obligation 30 minute consultation for design services.

Please call or email Bluebag to schedule your consultation; we will arrange for a consultation time that is convenient for you.

Prior to consultation please complete our design survey so we can prepare for the initial meeting.

We will meet you at your home or workplace to get a visual representation of the space and discuss design ideas and inspiration.

We will get back to you with a scope of work and quote within 48 hours?

Once you agree to the scope of work we will create and deliver an individual IKEA solution that meets your needs.

Upon completion of work to your satisfaction, we will send you a final invoice.

Please click on the link below to schedule your appointment…

Pricing: $50/hour for design services, and travel charge for long distances? For orders/projects over $1000, one hour of consultation is free… Is this just referring to the design services? (25 hours of design work?) This is where we need to evaluate whether or not it’s a sm, med, or large project.

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